Do you want a claim for your cosmetic product? The COSDERMA laboratory offers you protocols to justify many characteristics.

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Below is a list of characteristics that can be demonstrated by COSDERMA :

Cosderma RevendicationsLocal slimming / Anticellulite / Anti-dimples

Cosderma RevendicationsAnti-bags under eyes

Cosderma RevendicationsAnti-perspirant

Cosderma RevendicationsDermo-protective / Maintains skin's natural hydration

Cosderma RevendicationsCutaneous firmness / Cutaneous tonicity / Cutaneous elasticity

Cosderma RevendicationsImmediate hydration /Long term hydration of the upper layers of the epidermis/Remanence of the moisturizing effect

Cosderma RevendicationsMattifying / Sebum-regulating / Reduces the size of pores

Cosderma RevendicationsOcclusivity

Cosderma RevendicationsUV protective / Self-tanning / Tan booster / Tan extender

Cosderma RevendicationsRepairing / Reinforcement of the cutaneous barrier