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  • Visia-CR
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  • Multiple lighting and light modalities
    Multiple lighting and light modalities
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  • Visualization of vascular structures (Red RBX)
    Visualization of vascular structures (Red RBX)
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  • Visualization of porphyrins (P. acnes)
    Visualization of porphyrins (P. acnes)
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  • Visualization of photo-deterioration
    Visualization of photo-deterioration
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Facial imaging

With instantaneous capture times and lighting modes designed to enhance visualization of skin characteristics, VISIA-CR is the appropriated imaging technique in the assessment of the effect of cosmetic products at the level of the face.


The VISIA-CR acquires up to 7 standardized high-resolution digital images of the entire face. These images allow visualizing the characteristics of the face’s skin such as texture, colour, shine, “photo-deterioration”,  vascular characteristics, wrinkles and fine lines and finally porphyrins (P. Acnes).


Multiple lighting modalities: standard white light, UV, cross-polarized light, parallel polarized light, or any combination of the above.

Integrated positioning guides ensure the correct positioning of the face, allowing high reproducibility of the images over time.



The data provided is presented in 7 different images:

  • Image 1: Classic dermatoscopical image in white light.
  • Image 2: (“Flat light”): image in white light with minimum lightning to avoid shine areas or shadows.
  • Image 3: Lighting from both sides of the face.
  • Image 4: Lighting from above the face.
  • Image 5: Parallel polarized light (visualization of wrinkles, fine lines…)
  • Image 6: cross-polarized light (visualization of vascular lesions, pigment…)
  • Image 7: UV light (visualization of pigmentation and porphyrins)



Using RBX® technology, a built-in analysis system, vascular (Red RBX® visualization) and hyper-pigmented (Brown RBX® visualization) subcutaneous structures can be visualized separately

UV image analysis enables separate visualization of porphyrins and photo-deterioration of the face

This technique is available in our centers in France and in China

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