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  • crow's foot wrinkles
    crow's foot wrinkles
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  • Principle
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  • Performing of a replica of the wrinkles in Silflo
    Performing of a replica of the wrinkles in Silflo
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Measurement on a negative replica of the cutaneous relief

Quantirides® allows the evaluation of several characteristics of wrinkles and fine lines such as number, length, surface and depth.

A negative silicon replica is made at the crow’s foot. This replica is then placed on the station and illuminated by a low-angled light: this generates shadows behind each wrinkle. The shadows are acquired using a CCD camera.

The parameters obtained are:

  • Number of detected objects (Nb).
  • Total length of wrinkles (LT in mm)
  • Total Surface Area (ST in mm²)
  • Average depth (µm)



The Nb parameter should be used with caution as it is actually a number of detected objects which may refer to other surface elements than wrinkles. In addition, a positive effect of the product on wrinkles can sometimes cause a wrinkle to split into 2 parts, becoming thus 2 objects, which would ultimately increase the number of detected objects.

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