The COSDERMA Laboratory specialises in assessing the effectiveness of cosmetic products. We also carry out skin, mouth and/or eye Acceptability tests (Use tests) under the supervision of a specialist (dermatologist, stomatologist or ophthalmologist) only in association with an Efficacy test. This Usage test can be coupled with the Comedogeneity assessment.

* Patch tests, ROAT tests are only carried out internally in the search for the imputability of the tested product in the case of an adverse event (AE).

Cutaneous acceptability, ocular and oral

The purpose of these tests is to confirm the acceptability of the finished products after application under normal conditions of use by the subjects in their homes:

Colorface device

COSDERMA laboratories are equipped with advanced tools and precise and reliable measurement and analysis methods.

The assessment of the effectiveness of your cosmetic products is done in an objective way with reproducible results.

Each piece of equipment is described by a technical specifications sheet summarising its operating principle, strengths and associated claims.