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  • Corneometric Probe CM825
    Corneometric Probe CM825
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Cornéomètre® CM825 indicates the level of hydration of the superficial layers of the epidermis (stratum corneum) by measuring its electrical properties.


The measurement principle is based on capacitance measurements of the dielectric environment. Any change in the hydration of the skin surface results in a modification of these dielectric constants and consequently of the capacitance measurement.

Measurement of the electrical properties of the skin

The probe is applied vertically to the skin. During the measurement, an electric field penetrates the surface layers of the skin and the dielectric constant is measured. The measurement is obtained 1 second after application. It is expressed in arbitrary units ranging from 0 to 125.


  • 6-10 : very dry skin
  • 10-50 : dry skin
  • 50-125 : moisturized skin

This technique is available in our centres in France and in China.

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