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  • DERMATOP in vivo
    DERMATOP in vivo
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  • 3D replica
    3D replica
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  • Wrinkle volume
    Wrinkle volume
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  • Pore mapping
    Pore mapping
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  • Lip volume
    Lip volume
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Dermatop® is a system based on the principle of fringe projection, which reconstitutes, in a single in vivo measurement, a 3D image of the skin surface. This device, composed of 3 complementary lenses, allows assessing the effect of cosmetic products in a range of measurements from microrelief to areas with marked geometric shapes such as lips, bags under eyes and fat dimples


The system consists of a fringe projection module and a camera. A fringe pattern is projected onto the sample to be characterized.

When a fringe pattern (parallel light lines) is projected at an angle onto an object, the pattern is distorted by the object.  This distortion is directly related to the surface relief of the object.

Several different acquisitions allow the software to reconstruct the three-dimensional profile of the area to be analyzed.


This non-invasive optical method is fast with an acquisition time of ˜ 0.25 seconds and achieves high accuracy non-contact measurements (1 to 2 µm). Because of the 3 available lenses, it is possible to study a wide variety of surface profiles.

This method allows, for example, analyzing the depth of wrinkles, pores mapping or yet again measuring lips volume.

This technique is only available in our centre in France.

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