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  • Dermcup device
    Dermcup device
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  • Example of forearm imaging
    Example of forearm imaging
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  • 25MHz probe
    25MHz probe
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High resolution ultrasound

The ultrasound examination of the skin uses sound waves.

These waves are transmitted in skin tissues and are reflected in different ways according to the acoustic properties of the crossed tissues (epidermis, dermis, hypodermis). The reflected sound waves (echoes) are collected by the probe and allow visualizing the architecture of the different layers of the skin.

Why Dermcup® ?

The Dermcup® is a high resolution 25 MHz ultrasound device using mechanically scanned probe (B mode). This probe allows real-time visualization of a 12 mm deep and 16 mm wide section of the skin with an axial resolution of 0.06 mm and 0.15 mm in lateral resolution.

The obtained images highlight the hyper-echogenicity of the dermis’ fibrous structure or on the other hand hypo-echogenicity of the fat structure of the hypodermis.

COSDERMA applications

Evaluation of cosmetic products: hydrating, restructuring, anti-ageing, anti-cellulite and anti-inflammatory, assessment of the dermis structure, morphology, assessment of the mechanical properties of the skin, characterization of skin tissues.

Clinical investigation: tumors, lesions mapping, inflammatory areas, study of cutaneous ageing…

This technology is only available in our centre in France. An ultrasound probe similar to the Dermcup®, with a high resolution of 22 MHz is used in China (Dub Skin®).

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