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  • Colorimetric probe CL400
    Colorimetric probe CL400
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Skin colour measuring

Due to the physical properties of the skin, measuring its colour is very complex. The main components giving the skin its colour, are melanin (pigmentation), which appears brown/grey in the upper layers, and haemoglobin, which appears red (sometimes bluish) and is found in the deeper layers of the skin. It is difficult to determine the true colour of the skin with current measurement methods due to the different light sources of the devices, the various application conditions on the skin surface and the specific properties of the skin. The Colorimètre® CL400 probe was developed specifically to compare changes in skin colour.

Probe principle

The probe sends white light from LEDs and illuminates the skin in a circular and uniform manner over a large area (2.4cm diameter opening).  The emitted light is scattered in all directions, some of it passes through the layers of the skin and some is reflected. This reflected light is measured by the probe. The measured skin colour can be expressed in different colour spaces: xyz (CIE reference) or L*a*b or RGB. Besides, the individual ITA angle (typological classification of an individual’s skin colour) is automatically calculated.

The strengths

The device provides reproducible results for comparing skin surface colour measurements.

This technique is available in our centres in France and in China.

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