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According to Directive 93/35/EC, “the manufacturer of cosmetic products must provide evidence of the effect claimed by the cosmetic product, where this is justified by the nature of the effect or the product.”

This is why COSDERMA is at the service of its customers to offer its unique technical expertise and skills recognized by the industry. Our team of professionals provides you with innovative protocols to demonstrate the in vivo effect of your products.

Our very high level of technical expertise in carrying out clinical studies is based on:

  • An experience of more than 17 years in evaluating the efficacy of cosmetic products,
  • Targeted skills and a unique level of competence
  • A very high level of qualification of our technical staff,
  • Stability of this technical staff,
  • Maintenance of this competence through continuous training,
  • Advanced technical equipment,
  • The intervention of scientific collaborators who are experts in their field.

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Our equipment and devices are described below with their associated claims.