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Skin analysis in images

The digital photo bench consists of a high-resolution digital camera associated with two specific computer-controlled flashes. The bench allows the realization of photographs of the whole face as well as micro-photographs (pores, eyelashes etc.) under white or polarized light.

Thanks to the seat including a restraint system at the level of the ears and with the help of a laser, the repositioning of the face of the subject is ensured for a reproducibility of the photographs at different experimental times.

The bench allows photographs to be taken at angles ranging from 0° (front) to +/- 90° (side).

Finally, 1 colour test pattern of 48 patches is also always present in each photo, making it possible to check the initial conditions of the bench and, if necessary, to subsequently recalibrate the photos taken.



  • High resolution
  • Macro or micro images
  • Standardized lighting
  • Colour test pattern (48 patches) inserted in each photo
  • Reproducibility of the images in time


This technique is present in our Centres in France as well as in China.

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