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  • Cutometer MPA580
    Cutometer MPA580
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  • Cutometer probe MPA580
    Cutometer probe MPA580
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  • Example of elongation curve (1 cycle)
    Example of elongation curve (1 cycle)
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Viscoelasticity measurement

The Cutometer® MPA580 probe is used to assess the effect of cosmetic products on the viscoelastic properties of the skin.

This device measures the deformation of a skin area subjected to mechanical suction stress and its recovery power. The analysis of the measurements taken is limited to the elastic domain.


The principle of the device is based on the application of a vacuum to an area of skin that can vary from 20 to 500 mbar.

The area of skin to be measured is aspirated into the standard probe opening of 2 mm in diameter. The depth of penetration of the skin inside the probe is determined without contact, by an optical measurement system consisting of a light emitter and a light receiver. The amount of light received is proportional to the depth of skin penetration. A spring inside the probe ensures a constant pressure on the skin.

Analysed parameters

Very easy to use, it allows the evaluation of the following rheological parameters:

  • Ue : immediate elongation (purely elastic component) (mm)
  • Uv : retarded elongation (viscoelastic component) (mm)
  • Ur : immediate retractation (elastic return) (mm)
  • Ua : recovered elongation at the end of the stress cycle (mm)
  • Uf : final elongation (total deformation: elastic + viscoelastic) (mm)
  • R : residual elongation at the end of the stress cycle (mm).


The following biomechanical parameters can be analysed:

Firmness : a skin is firmer if :

  • the total elongation (Uf) decreases,
  • the ratio (Ur/Ue: biological extensibility) becomes close to 1 so the skin is firmer.


Tonicity: a skin is more tonic if:

  • the Ur parameter increases (ability of the skin to return to its initial state) and therefore the residual elongation (R) decreases.


Suppleness: a skin is more supple if:

  • the immediate elongation (Ue) increases.

This technique is available in our centre in France.

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