Our quality policy

With respect for its partners (promoters, subjects, suppliers, etc.), our team listens to you to satisfy your requests and needs while respecting deadlines and costs.

Technical expertise is our daily requirement in carrying out your studies.

COSDERMA guarantees a high level of quality in the performance of your studies with compliance with Good Clinical Practice (GCP) adapted to cosmetic products and the maintenance of this level through the performance of permanent quality control including internal technical audits in our laboratories in France and China.

Our commitment to quality is also based on the fact that since December 2014 we have been awarded the Certification ISO 9001 for the France site, issued by an independent certification body (O.F.C).

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Colorface device

COSDERMA laboratories are equipped with advanced devices and precise and reliable measurement and analysis methods.

The assessment of the efficacy of your cosmetic products is done in an objective way with reproducible results.

Each piece of equipment is described by a technical specifications sheet summarizing its operating principle, strengths and associated claims.