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  • Mexametric MX18 probe
    Mexametric MX18 probe
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Cutaneous pigmentation Measurement

Mexameter® MX18 is a device that simultaneously measures two major components of skin pigmentation: melanin and haemoglobin (Erythema).

The measurement is based on the absorption-reflection principle. The probe emits radiation onto a 5 mm diameter measuring surface in three defined wavelengths. A receiver measures the reflection of the light reflected from the skin. The position of the transmitter and receiver ensures that only diffuse light is measured. The quantity of light emitted being defined, the quantity of light absorbed by the skin can be calculated.

Melanin is measured by two wavelengths. They were chosen according to the different absorption peaks of the melanic pigments. For the Erythema measurement, two different wavelengths are used to measure the absorption capacity of the epidermis. One of them corresponds to the absorption spectrum of haemoglobin. The other wavelength was chosen in order to have other pigments influencing the colour of the skin (example: bilirubin).

The results for both parameters are immediately shown as index numbers. The measurements are expressed in arbitrary units ranging from 0 to 999.

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