The conclusion of the safety of the finished cosmetic product reflects the analysis of all data concerning exposure, conditions of use, misuse and any local tolerance data on the finished cosmetic product.

The tests on the finished product to validate this good local tolerance are :

  • Clinical study of acute cutaneous tolerance
  • In vitro cutaneous tolerance study,
  • Evaluation of ocular irritant potential by in vitro methods
  • Clinical evaluation of phototoxic potential on unrinsed finished product
  • Assessment of sensitising potential
  • Clinical assessment of cutaneous and/or ocular tolerance after repeated applications :
    • elbow crease
    • open visage
    • use test under normal conditions of use (1 month or 2 months). This use test can be coupled with the assessment of Comedogenicity and/or an Efficacy study for validation of the desired claims.
  • Observational consumer test with medical examination.

 Finally, tests can be recommended by age group and product category.

The COSDERMA laboratory specialises in in vivo clinical studies to assess the Efficacy of cosmetic products, which may also be associated with a clinical Tolerance study. If necessary, we can refer you to our network of experts for other types of tests.

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COSDERMA laboratories are equipped with advanced devices and precise and reliable measurement and analysis methods.

The assessment of the efficacy of your cosmetic products is done in an objective way with reproducible results.

Each piece of equipment is described by a technical specifications sheet summarizing its operating principle, strengths and associated claims.